Orphaned to Hatred – Fundraising Stats – Go in Person

Orphaned to Hatred is a catering and entertainment service that has been hosting and helping out with fundraisers for many years now. They have the ability and experience to turn a fundraising event into a huge success. If you would like your fundraiser to experience as much success as professionals like them, this article contains a few tips and tricks that may help you do just that. Remember that just because this is the digital age, doesn’t mean that people don’t appreciate real interactions. One of the mistakes that rookie fundraisers make is focusing too strongly on the quantity of connections that they make rather than the quality.

Orphaned to Hatred

While it is good to contact as many people as possible about your fundraiser, it is important to remember that the quality is just as important, People don’t want to feel harassed, but they do like to donate to a worthy cause. So it is up to you as the fundraiser to come up with a strategy to get people involved without making them feel pressured or annoying them. One way to accomplish that is to get face-to-face with people.

While it may seem that nobody ever interacts in person anymore, which is simply not the case. People still value intrapersonal connections. So get out there and hand out pamphlets or talk to people. Raise awareness about your campaign by interacting with others. You may be surprised by the positive reactions that this kind of action will garner from the people you talk to.

Orphaned to Hatred has helped make many fundraisers a big success.