Orphaned to Hatred – Sci-fi Special Effects

Orphaned to Hatred is an entertainment and catering service that has been in operation for over twenty years now. During their evens they like to implement many different special effects in order to draw in the crowd and peek their interests. These special effects are the results of years of development over time to perfect techniques. Over the course of history, special effects as an art form and discipline have experienced periods of prosperity. One such period was the scientific boom that occurred during the 50s and 60s. The public’s increasing fascination with space and the science of the future called for movies to reach further into special effects than ever before.

Orphaned To Hatred
Orphaned To Hatred

One movie that raised the bar for special effects in the late 60s was ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, which was directed by visionary Stanley Kubrick. During the making of the film he even assembled his own effects team exclusively for handing special effects issues. The making of the film required several miniature spaceships that were highly detailed and meticulously photographed to create a realistic depth for the film. The shots of the tiny spaceships were done with proportioned surroundings and combined to sync up with rotoscopes and motion-control to create dazzling and realistic effects.

The science fiction boom was an important part of special effects history, as it forced cinematographers and special effects masters to push the envelope and develop new techniques. Without this boom, perhaps some of the advanced techniques in use today wouldn’t have ever been developed.

Orphaned to Hatred uses various special effects in their shows.