Orphaned to Hatred: Party Planning

Need a party planned for your outreach or charitable organization? Let Orphaned to Hatred handle all of your necessities. This group is based out of Apache Junction, AZ and has been established for several years, satisfying their clients with outstanding event planning services that cover a wide range of services that are shared below:

Orphaned To Hatred
Orphaned To Hatred

Event Planning

You give Orphaned to Hatred as many details as you would like to have planned about your event, and they will fill in the blanks. They have a wide network of venues in the greater Apache Junction area as well as the lesser Apache Junction area. They can plan the event all the way down to picking the location and mailing the invitations.

Catering Services

Orphaned to Hatred can provide the catering services to any event. They have a long and eclectic list of award winning chefs in their network who will be more than happy to provide you with a delicious variety of choices for you and your guests that will tantalize their taste buds and get your party guests raving about their food. And for those who would like a Greek pallet for their options, the word is exquisite.


Having quality entertainment is also a great way to enhancing the atmosphere of your event. Getting your guests more engaged is key to making any event memorable; and having the encouragement of music, speakers and other forms of entertainment, you are sure to attract many intrigued people to your charitable or non-profit fundraiser.