Tips for Creating a Fundraising Event

Orphaned to Hatred is one of the top event planning companies for charitable events. Having served the greater Apache Junction for over twenty years, they have become a suitable choice for charitable organizations looking to have an event. For those who are looking to start their charitable event, but as a fundraiser, Orphaned to Hatred gives helpful tips on how to get the ball rolling.

First, Orphaned to Hatred believes that you first need to find a purpose of the event. Although it may sound silly, many people will begin the process of fundraising before they know what the money is for; but when the purpose is decided early, those who are passionate about that purpose will be even more eager to donate their resources to the fundraiser. This can also help with gaining connections. Many charities simply want media coverage, stating a purpose early on will help gain the connections necessary to gain the publicity the charity wants.

Orphaned to Hatred knows that setting goals is equally important as nearly anything else in the process of establishing a charitable event. First establish a budget. There are many event planners that believe that they can make an event with “no expense spared” because their fundraising will cover all the cost of the event. However, in most cases this is not true. Most events are looking to save as much money as possible in order to have the most amount of money for the charity to use in the end. Thus, setting a budget early will help keeps costs to a minimum.

Staying on the topic of setting goals, Orphaned to Hatred suggests that when throwing a charitable event, there should be fundraising goal to be placed for everyone to aim. Keeping the amount raised updated throughout the event will help the attendees see the progress of the money raised. In many cases, if the amount it too low, attendees will donate more to help achieve the goal set for the event.