Orphaned To Hatred-Like Snowflakes

Orphaned to Hatred office manager Jared Hefley says that it is important to develop specific strategies for special events. No two special events are ever alike, and so there are no templates or one-size-fits all approaches. “They’re like snowflakes,” he says.

He says that Orphaned to Hatred is recognized by the Certified Special Events Association of America and has successfully planned hundred of special events in the Phoenix, Arizona area since it was established in 2003. “A special event,” says Jared Hefley, “is a one-time event that focuses on a specific occasion, like a groundbreaking or a grand opening.”

It takes Orphaned to Hatred approximately three months to plan a typical special event. But Jared Hefley says that more complicated events can take much longer. He says that he tells new clients that the important thing is to make sure that the purpose of the special event is important enough to merit the time and energy, to say nothing of the expense, that is needed to arrange, stage, and publicize the event.

A typical event starts with a checklist. Orphaned to Hatred has two versions of its checklist: the long and the short. The short list can accommodate most special events, he says, and includes such critical items as booking the event’s location, outlining all of the logistics such as rentals, parking, security, and housekeeping.

When an event is over, Jared Hefley of Orphaned to Hatred says it’s always important to evaluate it to determine what went right and what went wrong. That can increase efficiency for future events by making sure mistakes don’t get repeated and successful strategies can be used again, and even refined to make them better.